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How to grow and care amazing colored Hydrangeas

Most hydrangeas will thrive in fertile, well-draining soils that receive plenty of moisture. Add compost to enrich poor soil. In general, hydrangeas prefer partial sun. Ideally, they will get full sun in the morning, followed by some afternoon shade to protect from the hot midday sun. This is especially true …

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Decorate your garden stylish with colored flowers and rocks

Incorporating rocks into your landscape is an investment that pays off with attractive, low-maintenance, long-lasting results. Stones can be used to add a variety of interesting elements to a lawn or garden, including walls, water features and rock gardens. They can also act as a sustainable alternative to compost that …

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How to grow various colors of Christmas Cactus at home easily

There are three common holiday cacti, each named after the time of year they begin blooming: Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving cactus, and Easter cactus. Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncata): The leaves distinguish this cactus from the Christmas cactus. Also known as the Crab Claw Cactus (for its pointy thorns), these plants have …

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Gorgeous 15+ Topiary Designs From Montreal Park

The cultivation of plant life has been embedded in human culture for thousands of years. Agriculture was one of the first key factors in the foundation of cities and civilizations as this allowed people to create their own food sources without having to hunt or gather existing food sources. With …

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