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How to propagate plants in water the easy way

Look for roots On a mature vine, look just below the leaf or stem/vine for a small brown root node. These little tubers are the key to propagating pothos. You’ll want to cut off a couple of inches of the healthy stem just before a node and include a node …

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Colorful Pebbles and Mosaic ideas for your garden

I was openly skeptical when I signed up for a workshop on how to make mosaic stepping stones, as I had never even been able to put together a basic puzzle. But peer pressure from my gardening buddies, Linda Beutler and Nancy Goldman, prevailed, and we went to class. Within …

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Perk up your garden with modern diy projects

I realize that this type of garden design is not for everyone. I think there’s a fine line between adding a little whimsy and making things look dope. For me, I draw the line at using bathroom parts or car parts. Lol! But really everyone has their own style and …

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Charming and stylish pergola designs for your backyard

These free pergola plans will help you build that much-needed structure in your backyard to provide shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special. You’ll find a wide variety of pergolas shapes and styles here as well as plans for both freestanding and deck …

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How to grow amazing colored Coleus at home easily

The variety of patterns is amazing, with solid colors, splashes, spots, stripes, stains, borders and veins. Color intensity varies depending on sunlight, heat sensitivity and other conditions. The term “sun coleus” refers to selections that tolerate more sun. The varieties with dark leaves tend to tolerate more sun, while lighter …

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Amazing garden island and rock garden ideas for your backyard

While properly landscaping your yard isn’t technically the same as decorating your yard, it’s just as (if not more!) important. That’s because the right greenery lays the foundation for the rest of your outdoor environment’s ambiance. Sure, you can set the mood with strings of lights and some garden stakes. …

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