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Stunning centerpiece with African violets

African violets are strictly indoor plants in North America, largely because their leaves must remain dry. Grow plants in bright, indirect light for best color and flowers. A plant standing three meters away from a west or south facing window is an ideal location. Plants will still grow when located …

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How to set stylish garden islands for your backyard

Once you have found a good location for the garden on a property, it is then time to decide on the size and shape of the bed. Shape the bed creatively; kidney or crescent shapes are interesting, or try rectangular, square or oval. What theme or style of garden plants …

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Amazing 23+ spiral herb garden designs for your backyard

  An herb spiral is a raised garden bed that is both beautiful and functional. It is perfect for food gardens with small spaces, but can also be tucked into ornamental landscaping to deliver fresh herbs to the kitchen. Like other types of raised beds, spiral gardens are low maintenance …

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Stunning 21+ elegant yard designs for your garden

Good landscaping adds value to your home without breaking the bank. And it creates a space that you and your family can enjoy for many years. But before you run out and buy a bunch of plants, follow my step-by-step instructions for designing your garden. You will learn some basic …

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How to care and grow colorful African violets at your home easily

African violets grow best in well-drained, slightly acidic soil. For best results, plant African violets in African violet pots, which are small self-watering ceramic or plastic containers. Growing plants in these pots will provide the right amount of continuous moisture to the plants. The easiest way to make sure you …

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How to grow and care colorful African violets at home easily

African violets are native to East Africa and originate from the tropical rainforests of Tanzania and Kenya. In 1892, German colonial officer Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire identified these plants and sent seeds back to Germany. The genus came to be known as Saintpaulia, although the plants have recently been recategorized …

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