Gorgeous Navy Gold bathroom remodel ideas

Gorgeous Navy Gold bathroom remodel ideas

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house and yet the most expensive to renovate.

When done well and with the right planning and expertise, a bathroom renovation can be an excellent investment and add up to 10% to the value of your home over time. More importantly, it can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your home.

But make the wrong call or fall into a renovation trap and it could see your budget spiral out of control and a bathroom that adds no value to your property at all.

Here are five potential bathroom remodeling rip-offs to watch out for.

Trap 1: Spending too much – or not enough
How much you spend on your bathroom renovation will vary depending on your individual needs, the overall value of the property, the style of your home and the bathroom space.

In a family home, there is more demand for bathrooms, so they need a more practical design than, for example, a bathroom for a retired couple in a small one-bedroom apartment.

The style of your home will also be a factor. Perhaps it may still be necessary to invest in a more opulent bathroom to complement the home’s luxurious appeal.

“Some people might like to show off their bathroom, make it a focal point, have a bathtub under the window overlooking the view.