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How to grow border irises

Everything you need to know Before you start Choosing an iris Border irises need a sunny position, but apart from this the choice is wide in terms of color and height. There are two main types of border iris: The most famous border iris is Iris germanica, sometimes known as …

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Charming planter pot designs and garden ideas

Planting a container filled with foliage and flowers is so much fun, but you may be wondering what it takes to create the beautiful container combinations you see around the community. Why does one arrangement grab your attention while others fall flat? And what makes a crowded bunch of unrelated …

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Amazing 28 planter colors and designs for spring

There are no set rules when it comes to designing beautiful landscaping with houseplants. The most amazing outdoor spaces are created with imagination, not just by following a set of rules. It’s what’s different that grabs attention, not what looks the same as everything else. That doesn’t mean there aren’t …

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How to easily design a planter garden

There are some caveats to container planting. They involve extra effort on your part. Whether it’s wet or dry weather, you should water your planters at least every other day, especially terracotta pots. You’ll also find that houseplants need regular feeding to keep them looking their best for longer. Monetarily, …

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How can you design your balcony the easy way

  Don’t underestimate the humble balcony! It may well be a small space but it can also be a lovely oasis that gives you room to experiment and be creative. With thoughtful ideas, you can turn your balcony into an urban oasis, a reading nook, a home cafe and so …

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How to plant grow and care for tulips

Spring wouldn’t be the same without tulips. The beautiful flowers of these showy bulbs come in almost every color imaginable, from pale pastels to warm, vibrant hues. They are perfect for adding color to borders in April and May and grow very well in pots. Tulips are spring bulbs, planted …

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