Inspiring Nordic Style Cottage Design Ideas

Scandinavian interior design reduces unnecessary clutter to focus on form, function and simplified beauty in home decor. The simple, clean designs of popular showroom furniture are often based on Scandinavian design. The Scandinavian design movement has roots in the Nordic countries of Norway, Denmark and Sweden and materialized there in the 1930s.

With a strong focus on functionality, this design style leans towards modernism and minimalism, while incorporating coziness. The Scandinavian design style aims to give people a way to live more sustainably and in harmony with each other.

5 parts of Scandinavian interior design
Scandinavian interior design is very popular among interior designers and those looking for an elegant yet clean look in their home or work environment. With the adjacent interest in hygge and bauhaus styles, it is important to understand how and why these design ideals are related to Nordic cultures.

1. References to Nordic history: Nordic lifestyle focuses on cultivating a life that is conscious, joyful and has little stress. A lack of clutter and an emphasis on highly functional, streamlined items lends this attitude.
2. Emphasis on organic materials: Organic shapes, natural materials and clean, layered, comfortable patterns are prominent features of the Scandinavian design style. Scandinavian design style stems from a culture of living in small rural communities that were generally isolated, requiring reliance on natural materials.
3. Less is more minimalist design: Simple, clean lines and open profiles mark the Scandinavian design style. Room design often accommodates soft natural lighting from ceiling lights and generally includes neutral colors.
4. Nature-inspired furniture design: Eco-friendly materials such as tree stumps, animal hides and lush greenery are also staples of Scandinavian design. Throughout Nordic history, people used the materials they had to create functional, beautiful homes.
5. Encourage coziness and contentment: Born out of the Scandinavian design movement is the concept of hygge, a Danish/Norwegian living style that promotes the ideals of well-being and contentment. Although you can’t necessarily design a hygge space, Scandinavian design can encourage the pleasant feelings that are essential to hygge.