How to decorate your kitchen with elegant candles for Christmas

How to decorate your kitchen with elegant candles for Christmas

Flashing fairy lights are a must in Christmas bedroom decor. It not only helps to gel a little sparkle and create a festive feeling, shame you can also leave them up all year for a wonderful shine, if you want.

Hang your favorite decorations
Who says decorationer bar is for the Christmas tree? Spruce up your bedroom space by hanging your favorite ornaments, garlands, wreaths, window stickers and stars. It is the perfect finishing touch in any space.

Jess Martin, design specialist at Ginger Ray, suggests: “If you want to go big, why not decorate with garland, paper chains and baubles? Scale up your simple fairy lights or lines of glitter with a few extras to really see Dot small pockets with Christmas decorations around the room will really help bring on the festive spirit, even in your sleep!’

“Fairy lights are an age-old Christmas decoration that still has the ability to take any room to the next level,” explains Jonathan Warren, director and bed specialist at Time4Sleep

If you have a four-poster bed, think about how you can use the structure. It’s the perfect frame for a garland or two.

Cotswold-based interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott adds: “You can dress your headboard with a fresh wreath of leaves, plus the scent will lull you to sleep. Just make sure to secure it properly with leaves.”

Vanessa also suggests sprucing up bedside tables by tying red ribbons on the handles of your wardrobe or drawers. And you can even make a temporary feature wall in your bedroom with a cluster of oversized paper snowflakes. “You can even hang them from the ceiling,” she adds. “They also look great with fairy lights.”