How to decorate your home the easy way for Christmas

How to decorate your home the easy way for Christmas

Picking my favorite bit about celebrating Christmas is quite a daunting task, given the myriad of answers before me. From delicious festive spreads that can make your mouth water from a mile away, to exchanging gifts and watching your loved ones beam with childlike excitement, there are so many reasons to love the festival.

Almost every place turns into a winter wonderland as soon as Christmas knocks on the door. Draped twinkling lights, lush green and vibrant red wreaths and warm lights everywhere, whoever said magic doesn’t exist never tried to get into Christmas decorating. We won’t let that happen to you though! To help you transform your house into a stunning Christmas-themed abode, here are some easy and simple Christmas decorating ideas you can borrow.

1. Make room for fairy lights
It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until the streets are decorated with twinkling lights everywhere. Well, why not bring some of that bright Christmas cheer into your house? This Christmas, decorate your house with strings of fairy lights that are quite inexpensive but manage to add a dreamy festive atmosphere to any space. If you live in one of the colder regions, the fireplace can also be used as a quick Christmas decoration hack. Plus, it’s a great way to bring friends and family together in one room!
2. Hang holiday wreaths
To get into the festive holiday spirit, hang a dainty wreath above every door in your house. You can also hang wreaths over the mantle, in front of the windows, and on bedroom doors. You can use different types of wreaths, everything from holly to vines or decorated with bows. There are also many artificial wreath options on the market that will last more than one Christmas season!

3. Pillow talk
Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t mean the obvious here! Festive cushion covers are a great and convenient way to spruce up any home for the Christmas season. Choose Christmas themed covers such as those with reindeer, trees or pine cones in the typical Christmas shades of red and white. Use these pillows to fill up and cheer up any empty space in the house.

4. Decorate that Christmas tree
If it is Christmas, the need to put up and decorate a customary Christmas tree does not need to be verbalized. Choose a healthy, medium-sized Christmas tree that can be either real or artificial. For embellishments, wrap fake festoons on the branches, over mirrors, at the highest point of armoires and along the mantel. You can also use extra decorations on top, or around the area around your tree for an extra boost of Christmas cheer.