Gorgeous 12+ candle decor with stairs

Gorgeous 12+ candle decor with stairs

There is something inviting and warm about the look of a flickering candle on your bedroom side table. When you want that much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation at the end of the day, scented candles create that intimacy that puts you in a pleasant mood. Arranging nicely with just the right accessories can change the look of your bedroom.

Scented candles are available in various designs. The lights allow you to harmonize the decor in your bedroom. However, if your bedroom has a country decor, choose a subtle aroma scent to sync with your bedroom environment.

If you have an ethnic style bedroom, then tropical scented candles are the best to complement the ambiance. Lighting it up with the right Elementry decor piece will completely change the aura of the space and offer you a relaxing rejuvenating environment after a long day.


This is very basic, but has an immediate effect on your mood when you light the candles. Decorate your side table by grouping some of the finest scented candles using Elementry’s Akoda candle holder. A prominent display of just different lights will give your bedroom an elegant look. Use candles in different sizes, colors, styles and shapes to add more variety to the arrangement.

Every space can benefit from displaying some natural artifacts. No matter which organic artifact you choose, you’ll feel calmer and rejuvenated when you have a couple of scented candles burning on the table. Consider decorating your side table with seashells, healing crystal stones, colored sand, or you can have a flower vase. You can also place a piece of twisted tree branch on the side table to give the natural rustic look.

Another easy trick is to turn your scented candles into a decorative element and place them in a clear glass jar with a metal lid found at Elementry.

You can also use the twigy frosted mason jar or the fluted mason jar from Elementry. Browse our glass jars category which offers several different glass jars to be creative with. Glass wax filled jars are another good option to choose from. This way, you can further decorate it with flowers to enhance the look. Place a single chunky candle in the jar which will also illuminate the look; you can also have several jar sizes on the side table.