Stunning vertical garden designs for your garden

Stunning vertical garden designs for your garden


How to design a garden environment? If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the hospitality industry, it’s probably not the first time you’ve asked this question. In fact, every time a change needs to be made to the outdoors, this question pops up first. Although there is no one way to create an outdoor life, you can follow some garden design ideas to get an attractive environment.

As a hospitality furniture company, we feel it is our duty to share with you and our customers some garden design ideas to welcome guests in a welcoming way. So take notes and consider using these 4 trends:

Adopt vertical gardening

When designing outdoors, restaurants, hotels and resorts focus mostly on the horizontal space by carefully selecting garden furniture and coming up with a plan for the installation. However, what is usually forgotten is the decoration of the garden or the vertical space of the patio. Most gardens contain plants, flowers and statues, but forget to add a special vertical touch. A good addition would be the Greens collection from outdoor furniture brand Maiori. Greens are planters with a simple drip irrigation system that allows water to flow from top to bottom, eliminating water paddles and overwatering.

Create a semi-enclosed outdoor living room

What’s the point of tending to your garden and designing your patio if you’re not hosting guests outdoors? A trend to follow is to create a semi-enclosed conservatory with 3 walls and a roof. This area will contain restaurant tables and chairs, or hotel outdoor furniture to create a unique experience. The secret recipe for building a cozy space is to maintain the feeling of an outdoor area so that guests can enjoy the beautiful weather.

Place a garden pergola

Another trend to receive guests outdoors is to install a pergola in the middle of the garden. This feature allows visitors to sit, eat or relax on outdoor furniture while staying protected from direct sunlight. The pergola can either be made of wood or, for a more luxurious style, of aluminum. For example, Jardinico introduces Attitude, an outdoor umbrella used as a gazebo.