Amazing Christmas candle decor ideas for your home

Amazing Christmas candle decor ideas for your home

While candles never get old, sometimes their arrangement does. If your votive holders are starting to look wonky, or your pillar looks like something out of a witch’s altar, it’s time for a little makeover. There are hundreds of different ways to decorate with candles, from centerpieces to hearth accents to holiday decor.

Here we present 34 of the best decoration with light ideas. These smart new home styling tips include something for every season and every space. Keep the warm glow going 365 days a year.

Terrariums help solve two design problems in one. First, they add visual interest by grouping lights together, allowing you to play with height and texture. Second, they alleviate any anxiety you may have about setting your house on fire. The black stones at the bottom provide a good foundation while increasing the effect of the light arrangement.

Lanterns are magical. So many stories and myths involve the lantern, so when you add lanterns to your decor, you bring some of that magic with you. They also provide some security for lit candles and help direct the light into a warm, peaceful glow. Use lanterns in different heights and shapes for more design drama.

If you have a large flat space, such as on your coffee table, you can replicate the look of a fireplace by using candles of different textures and heights on a bed of smooth, polished stone. In the evening when you curl up with a book and a cup of tea, the candles provide the warm glow of a fireplace even when you don’t have one. Bonus points if your candles have ribbons, or in this case, textured ribbons.