Pink and purple flower types you can grow easily

We have compiled for you the types of pink and red flowers that you can like and grow easily.


Camellia is the beautiful sister of Rose. This is because the flower bears a close resemblance to the red rose that we all love. The green waxy leaves of the camellia flower make it a decorative centerpiece.

Another cousin of the Rose and Camellia is the Ranunculus. It is an onion-shaped flower with layers of overlapping petals in the kiss-red hue, making it another synonym for love.

If there is a flower that has defined lines and looks good in every bouquet; its red tulips. Tulips also come in two-color varieties. Tulips are often used for home decoration purposes.


Long tubular scarlet flowers in red, Salvia in abundance. Salvia looks fascinating as beds, borders, shrubs, potted in the home garden.

Poinsettia with red flowers is much loved by beauty admirers. Mostly found in pots in containers, poinsettias are used as natural decorative pieces during the Holy Christmas season.

Vintervalmo to you all. Red poppies are grown for charming bouquets and table decorations.



Dianthus is an Indian splendor that blooms in round clusters on top of the branches. Dianthus bloom as double or single fragrant flowers. The deep red color of Dianthus instantly creates a lively environment in the midst of winter laziness.

Rubber plant
Pansies are brilliant butterfly-like flowers that can be found in nature in all colors and shades. Our favorite is the red pansy with a yellow center, ranging from blood to wine tones.

The tender and ruffled petals of carnations are nothing but an enchanting beauty in nature. The striking shape, love red color and easy availability make it many people’s favorite red winter flower.

Trumpet-shaped petunias are most beautiful when attracted in shades of red. The bright red color makes this flower look even more beautiful to see and see its sight. It is best known as a garden flower.