Peaceful 12+ cozy garden design ideas

Peaceful 12+ cozy garden design ideas

Keeping your color scheme simple is the easiest and most basic way to create a cool, calm oasis. Here the planting has been limited to green and cream shades; this is picked up by the light colored garden furniture and raised beds. The simple layout, along with the fence and benches made of matching wood, completes the scene.
The textured, clipped plants in this walled garden help it feel orderly and calm: somewhere to unwind after a busy day
Green is the ultimate color for relaxation and can come in many forms in the garden. Hedges, lawns, and topiary provide structural elements and color year-round, but in this garden, green flowers and leaves of perennials also provide seasonal accents. Subtle dashes of color keep it from being overwhelming.
Screens, trees and clad trees like these can provide a sense of enclosure and privacy
How to screen off your garden for privacy

It is a very natural human desire to feel contained and protected by our surroundings. There are many ways to create privacy – fences are the quickest and cheapest and can soon be choked by climbers to give you a verdant view. If you are overlooked above the height of the fence, consider adding a trellis or growing some trees. Hedges and clad trees like those pictured above have the distinct advantage of trapping noise and pollution, making your garden not only quieter, but also cleaner.

Water features add another dimension to your garden; their sounds can contribute to a sense of calm
There is something magical about adding water to a garden. From raindrops in a pond to dancing reflections and the extra wildlife it will inevitably draw in. Add a fountain or watercourse and the sound will add another dimension, providing a sense of calm at the touch of a button.

Watching bees, birds and butterflies is one of the most captivating and delightful ways to spend time in the garden, so plant flowers that attract them

Plant lots of animal friendly plants to bring in bees, birds and butterflies. Seeing wildlife enjoying your garden too can provide a wonderful distraction from the stresses of everyday life. We have done extensive research on which plants are best for bees and other pollinating insects.