Inspiring gazebo and pergola designs for your backyard

A gazebo creates a cozy backyard where you can sit back and relax in style. Extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space with these gazebo design ideas that easily accommodate all your backyard activities. Enjoy a leisurely lunch outside or host a large family gathering.

Attached gazebo

This corner gazebo extends into the side yard to maximize the utility of the front porch and add vintage style to a newly built home. A ceiling fan (complete with a lamp) keeps the atmosphere cool and surfaces bright. Lush hanging baskets add appealing colors and create a kind of privacy.

Excellent Gazebo Design

A bright spot in a shady grove, this gracefully proportioned gazebo stands out in view thanks to its light gray roof, whitewashed finishes and distinctive railing treatment. The hexagonal gazebo plays off elements of the landscape. Its white exterior reflects the color of hydrangea blooms and variegated plantings. The wooden floor remains in harmony with the darker tones of a brick walkway.

Gazebo with open sides

This light and airy gazebo design is open on all four sides, making it feel like a natural part of your outdoor space. The open sides help you avoid a closed-in feeling, while the full roof protects you from the hot sun or an afternoon rain. For added privacy, consider hanging a few panels of curtains that can be tied open or left closed.

Grille Gazebo

With an elegant silhouette and grand proportions, this multi-sided gazebo anchors a formal garden. The gazebo cleverly combines curved entrances with a trellis roof and walls; a central gable, vertical posts and finishing touches give the airy structure a sophisticated style.

Patio Gazebo

House-like in its architecture, this gazebo always draws people. A central gable and a remarkable light fixture draw attention to the gazebo, which connects to an adjacent patio. Soft upholstered banquettes provide sofa-style seating along the perimeter; a substantial ottoman stands up several feet.