How to set a stylish table with elegant candles

While it works best to have a coordinated theme or color scheme, it’s often those special little details that make it all come together, whether it’s miniature tree decorations, fairy lights or candles.

A table in the middle is an important part of a successful Christmas table setting. Centerpieces can include a vase and bunch of seasonal winter flowers, tapered candles on a candelabra, or a Christmas wreath entwined with fairy lights. Remember, when it comes to Christmas table decorations, always start with the centerpiece as it will really help construct your theme.

Importantly, make sure your Christmas table decoration is in proportion to your table. Your tabletop should definitely not be overcrowded as you need enough space to serve dishes and glasses. But play with height and texture for added interest, and there are some great ways to hang decorations above the table too.

We’ve included Christmas table decorations that you can buy right now, and some great, creative ideas if you prefer to make your own. Whether your decorating style is minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between, shop our selection of the best Christmas table decorations.