How to give your garden an elegant look with pebbles and wood

How to give your garden an elegant look with pebbles and wood

While a garden walkway is a way to get from A to B outdoors, it is not all that a garden can provide. Paths can be a useful way to break up a large lawn or outdoor space, can provide a walkway for access to flower beds and planting, or can be a destination path that leads you to a favorite feature or focal point. And the good news is that installing a garden path doesn’t have to cost a fortune, cheap DIY garden path ideas abound and are a brilliant way to give a simple garden idea new focus without shelling out thousands.

Cheap DIY Garden Path Ideas
Choice of materials is key to a successful budget garden idea, such as wanting to install a garden walk cheaply. Using recycled materials such as reclaimed bricks, paving stones and wooden floors is an easy way to cut costs and if you do the work yourself there will be no labor costs to consider. Alternatively, you can choose inexpensive materials such as gravel, shingle and wood bark, which can be picked up in DIY sheds quite cheaply, with bulk purchases available at key times of the year.

For a super-fast and low-effort road option, there’s nothing easier than a single step course set on a lawn. Stepping stones provide an easy way to get from A to B outdoors and will cost less to install than a regular path because you’ll cover longer distances with fewer stones.

When it comes to installation, a garden walkway idea for steps doesn’t require a lot of digging, it just needs a section of grass to be cut out and some soil underneath to be removed before the stone or paving slab is inserted. And adding a small amount of sand underneath can help smooth rocks if needed.

Arrange your path so that the distance between the stones is about 20-24 inches from the center of one to the center of the next. Then set the top of the stepping stone about an inch above ground level so you can still run a mower over the grass to keep the lawn tidy, without the stones obstructing the mower.