How to design an elegant outdoor with stylish brick walkways

How to design an elegant outdoor with stylish brick walkways

Is your home exterior looking a little rough this spring? We know that winter weather can take a toll on our outdoor surfaces, especially when it comes to high traffic areas like our walkways. The combination of snow, ice, heavy shoveling and plowing can leave cracked, chipped or loose locks and tiles behind. To spruce up your exterior, here are some easy ways to improve your walkway this spring.

Create a clear path
A nicely manicured landscape can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home, but having a well-defined path can make it even more eye-catching and inviting. You can create a clear outline by keeping your grass and plants neatly trimmed, leaving a border between the edge of the road and the grass to give it more definition. Adding some solar lights along the entrance can also create a cozy and inviting look while making it easier to see the path at night. These simple steps will instantly improve your entryway, making it look vibrant and sharp.

Custom Interlock Design
Whether you have old concrete that is cracked or old stone that is dull, chipped and battered, having a crumbling entryway can be unsafe and unattractive. And if you plan to list your home on the market in the near future, it won’t help when you want to attract potential buyers. The walkway is one of the first things people notice before entering your home, which means it really counts when creating first impressions. To ensure your entryway leaves a good impression, replace your weathered walkway with a custom interlocking design. Whether you want a completely new look or just to improve your current walkway, our contractors will work with you to create a flagstone design that matches your exterior for a stunning final look.

Add Vibrant Vegetation
To highlight your new custom interlocking, consider adding some live plants and vegetation next to it. Using vibrant colors and different sizes will catch the eye and attract it along the way as well for a cohesive, picturesque display.

Tiered Garden Design
Pavers are really a simple and effective way to dress up any exterior, especially along any areas you want to show off during weekend gatherings. For a more elaborate and luxurious touch to your front exterior, a step design can be an ideal choice to spruce up your walkway. You can choose to include wide steps or bunk beds in the garden next to your walkway for a modern and sophisticated look. A custom driveway design like this will add value to your home and offer durable, long-lasting results with minimal maintenance required.

Connect your driveway and patio
Driveways in particular can suffer a lot of damage during the winter season thanks to all the salt, ice and shoveling. If yours is past the repair stage, why not continue your interlock design throughout your front exterior? Flagstone is naturally durable and tough, especially when installed over old concrete. It also provides better grip for your vehicles and foot traffic as water does not affect the surface or make it slippery. You get a nice surface that is durable and safer.