How to design a captivating study room

How to design a captivating study room

For small study rooms, you may have to compromise with a small desk and compact furniture but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be comfortable. More so in the case of spacious study rooms where you can dedicate time to your work and reading.

You spend exceeding amounts of time in your study room so choose your furniture wisely. A comfortable desk chair, preferably a rotating one with good back support could do wonders to your lumbar area. You can also install bean bags and ottomans with clean edges and designs in modern study rooms.

Coffee table
Another option is to inculcate a comfy couch and a small coffee table on one side of the room. This is for those times when you want to lie down and read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee without spilling on your important documents and electronics.

Assess the natural light against light fixtures
If you can introduce a lot of natural light in your study room then make it a priority.

Long French windows, or glass window designs, or even a sliding glass door that opens onto a balcony would be great. If you have the means then install a skylight. The objective is to introduce natural light to make the space feel hygienic and spacious while preventing strain in your eyes.

Of course, for evenings and nighttime utilization of the study room, you will need appropriate light fixtures. Table lamps work great on your study desk along with some floor lamps if you have the space. You can also use LED ceiling lights or tube lights for brightness.

Your study room decoration
The decoration of your study room should be focused more on inspiration and functionality than anything else.

Now, when we say inspiration, it doesn’t just mean motivational posters and worded framework. Artwork can inspire you too.

If you’re an artist of any kind, hanging works of art by other accomplished professionals could inspire you. If you’re a musician, you can line the walls and your desk space with musical inspiration. If you’re a chef or a writer then framed pieces of food portraits or quotes from your favorite books could provide inspiration.

Your study room decor can also include a play area for children or a study nook where they do their thing while you work. You can keep an eye on them while attending to your priorities. This adds functionality to your design ideas.

You can also add small pieces of home decor to brighten up the place. Consider DIY pencil holders, pieces that relate to your hobbies, and you can even start a collection. For instance, some people like to collect coins while others like to collect ceramic cats, dolphins, and whatnot. Since the study room is a safer space, you can fill it with things that you love.