How to Decorate your Kitchen Stylish and Charming for winter

If you’re hosting the holiday, chances are you’re spending extra time in the kitchen. So why not make it extra festive with Christmas decorations? Whether you’re the head chef whipping up holiday classics for a crowd or you’ve been delegated the chopping, the right Christmas decorations (and a solid playlist!) will make everything more enjoyable. Get inspired by 12 designer kitchens decked out for the holidays.

Show Christmas cards

These adorable mini wreaths over the mesh-wrapped cabinets are playful and cute. The pink bows add an unexpected, playful touch. And if you look closely, you’ll notice those Christmas cards strung into a wreath and hanging over the window! If your guests now insist on helping you in the kitchen, they’ll be able to see how nice it is that you didn’t throw their card in the trash!

Match the decor to the existing color scheme
Rachel Barrett incorporated lots of lush greenery for a festive kitchen update, but to keep it feeling cohesive, she chose ribbons that match the existing color scheme rather than sticking to red and green. The same goes for every room in the house!

Include ornaments

They’re not just for the tree: Weave some branches around your plates and sprinkle some ornaments to match the garland. In this dessert nook, we also love how Rachel Barrett stacked cake stands to alternate between the heights of the cakes – it adds visual interest and makes sure they all get the same amount of time in the spotlight.

Collect seasonal branches
A display of greenery enlivens the corner while a bunch of berry branches enliven the island in this kitchen designed by Ryan Turf of CB2. The colorful display picks up the vibrant reds in the runner as well.

Don’t forget the pantry!

If your pantry opens onto the kitchen, don’t forget to show it some love with Christmas decorations, too. The wreaths are staggered at different heights, playing up the height of this small but bold space.

Mark special functions with a wreath

Following the curve of these spiral staircases, the wreath really brings life to this room designed by Cathy Chapman. And it livens up the kitchen, a space that can be difficult to decorate for the holidays because you want to keep all usable space clean and ready for party preparations.