How to decorate your home with stunning candle arrangements

Christmas tree lights, candle clips and metal candle holders are creating more buzz this Christmas than they have since electric Christmas lights captured the market after the First World War.

It is the ultimate proof that a product that has been extinct for almost ninety years can make a comeback.

For at least some shoppers, using real lights on the tree is a push against high-tech seasonal glitz and glam and a way to simplify and slow down the holiday season. For others, Christmas lights are an elegant, aesthetic alternative to the soulless, homogenized tree lights and other decorations that flood store shelves every Christmas holiday, thanks to the “Christmas-Industrial Complex.”

Are you making granola for friends and family, wrapping presents in recycled wrapping paper, and planning to roast a free-range turkey for December 25th? Then Christmas lights are your type of tree lighting. They are even greener than LED lights, as they use no electricity.

Do you like a touch of elegance and surprise during your vacation? Do you entertain with panache, like to create moods with light and impress your guests? Then tree lights should be on your must-have list.

Are you a gadget geek? Do you appreciate ingenious, well put together products that deliver what they say they will deliver and please the eye? Then Christmas candle clips and pendant light holders will be your best new find.

Do you still use your grandmother’s stuffing recipe and your great-aunt’s Christmas tree decorations? Do you like the idea of reviving old traditions and passing them on? Then Christmas tree candles and vintage candlesticks are something for you.

Whatever your reason, if you’re the type of person who’s drawn to the idea of decorating your tree with natural lights, you’re by definition marching to the beat of a different drummer.

Whether you’re going with candlepower this year for design and decoration reasons, because you like vintage and innovative finds, because it’s eco-friendly and easy, or because you want to experience Christmas like your great-grandparents did, remember that clip Christmas Tree Candle Holders, Candle Clips , old-fashioned pendant sconces and the candles themselves have teetered on the brink of oblivion for decades. They are not easy to find locally. They disappeared long ago from hardware stores. Even specialty candle and gift shops don’t stock them. You won’t find them anywhere in the local mall.

If you’re going to find authentic Christmas tree candle holders, pendant lights and candles anywhere, you’ll find that the best place to look is online. Find a reputable, experienced online shop and make sure the tree lights, pendant holders and candles are imported from Germany. The Germans have been making Christmas tree candlesticks and candles for years and they make the best. Nothing against imports from other countries, but you can’t count on the quality being as good. Why go with a cheaper import when you can get the real thing.