How can you build at your backyard an amazing pond easily?

A pond is the perfect way to attract wildlife to your garden, from frogs, toads and newts to hedgehogs, birds and aquatic insects. Ponds are also beautiful to us, and provide a relaxing place to sit on a sunny afternoon. Ponds are fascinating to children – supervised pond dips are the perfect way to teach them about the lives of amphibians and other animals.

Start your pond by marking the position on the ground. Use a garden hose for an informal pond, or sticks and string for formal designs, as in our example below. When calculating the size of the liner for your pond, measure the length and multiply it by twice the depth, adding 15 cm for an overlap. Repeat this for the width to get the required size.

Plant your garden pond with native pond plants such as hornwort, water forget-me-not and brook lime, and fill it with rainwater if possible. Your garden wildlife will find it in no time.

Want to plant your pond? here, Monty Don demonstrates how to plant a pond with a variety of deep water and border plants, including water hawthorn (Aponogeton distachyos), pickweed (Pontederia cordata) and flower rush