Elegant pergola designs with colorful vines

Many backyard do-it-yourselfers have started digging in the ground only to run into gas or electrical lines. This can be dangerous and expensive to fix, so make sure you check with the power companies in your area first. They come out and mark all the lines in your yard to prevent an accident from happening.

Today, pergolas are available in cedar, redwood, pressed pine and other types of wood. Although pine may be the most cost-effective, it is also the least attractive wood. Cedar and redwood are both radiant and beautiful woods, in addition to being rot and insect resistant. Redwood and ipe come at a much higher price, but are considered very elegant woods used in modern architecture. If you’re looking for the best value, western red cedar delivers a stylish and cost-effective solution. Ultimately, the factors you should consider when choosing wood for your pergola include your environment’s humidity and temperature fluctuations, the insects in your region, and your budget.

There are also alternative materials you can consider in a pergola kit. Pre-assembled pergola kits today can come in aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass, giving consumers a stylish and practical way to build a pergola.