Amazing 24+ gabion designs will add charm to your backyard

Amazing 24+ gabion designs will add charm to your backyard

Fine Mesh Metals Ltd are not structural engineers. The designs on this page are suggestions based on industry standard designs. Gabion wall designs are very robust. These designs in general are the basis for any designs produced by structural engineers. However, there are ground types and situations where the deigns will not be sufficient. If your situation involves having a building, road etc on top of it, or you are putting them on very soft clay, then it would be advised to contact a suitably experienced and qualified Consulting Engineer, thus ensuring the most appropriate advice being provided and supported by professional indemnity insurance. This has implications in respect of Health and Safety being adequately addressed. The client has an obligation to ensure all persons engaged in the undertaking of the works are suitably experienced and qualified, thus being familiar with the construction process and associated risks to health and safety.

A Consultant engineer will require.

a.       A topographic survey to conclude wall height and any slope surcharge which could similarly influence the gabion arrangement.

b.      Proposed wall location.

c.       Ground investigation to conclude retained and foundation soils and associated geotechnical parameters.

This is an additional cost and we can direct you to a Consultant if you require.

The designs given on this page should not be used as a substitute for taking detailed and specific advice from a Consultant engineer. The recommendations and advice are given without Liability on the part of Fine Mesh Metals Ltd and should not be relied upon for any action or inaction.

Fine Mesh Metals Ltd shall not be liable to compensate any other party for any loss, including any consequential loss, arising from following the standard designs.