Add elegance to your kitchen with flowers and candles in lanterns

From snowmen to Santa, to reindeer to nativity scenes, there really is an endless amount of Christmas motifs to choose from when decorating the inside of your house for Christmas. I wanted to create a huge list of Christmas decorations that you can go through and make sure you have at least one of each

One of the most fun parts of Christmas decorating is hanging ornaments on the tree! Many people like to put on Christmas music and drink wine while decorating their tree with ornaments. You can choose a theme for your Christmas tree like metallic or red or even coastal, or you can decorate it with an eclectic collection of ornaments. Growing up, our Christmas tree was always decorated with various family ornaments and old photos that made it special to us!

Christmas tree
It’s not Christmas but the family Christmas tree. Even if it’s small, you can’t celebrate Christmas without installing an evergreen tree to decorate in your family room, with presents stored underneath! Be sure to purchase a permanent tree stand to ensure your tree stands upright and has water to keep it hydrated. Flocked Christmas trees are very stylish right now!

Tree topper
The final touch to your Christmas tree is the tree topper, an item that sits on the highest branch of the tree and completes the look. The most popular tree tops are an angel or a star.

Christmas wreath
The Christmas wreath is an important part of all Christmas decorations. Wreaths are beautiful circular decorations that help dress up any door they are placed on. You can use a wreath on your front door, as they often do, but also on your interior doors! Hang a festive Christmas wreath on your bathroom door to easily direct guests to where it is! Wreaths can be made from evergreens, berries or other natural materials. The choice is up to you!

The tradition of hanging stockings on the fireplace mantel before Christmas is a tradition as old as time. I used to love waking up on Christmas day to find little treats stuffed in my stocking. It is a tradition I will always cherish. Pick up a stocking for each member of your family and use stocking hooks to hang them in front of your fireplace. This is definitely a must-have traditional Christmas decoration!

Of course, Santa doesn’t work alone. He has reindeer that can help pull his sleigh and take him around the world delivering gifts! Don’t leave Santa alone and buy some reindeer figures to accompany him!

Mini tree
Evergreen trees are a big part of Christmas decor, but it’s a bit impractical to have a large one in every room of your home. So why not buy several evergreen mini trees to place all over your house? You can buy these mini trees in almost any color and style. They are a great way to add some joy to a room that is otherwise not “Christmas central” like the living room is
Garland is a fun and festive Christmas decoration that can be used in a few places. You can hang an evergreen wreath on your fireplace mantel, around the banister of the stairs or even draped over the headboard in the bedroom.

Nativity scene
It is important to remember that Christmas is a religious holiday. The original purpose of Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus. If you are religious and want to keep the true meaning of Christmas alive in your home, then a nativity scene is a must. You can buy a small or large nativity scene, as you prefer. Plus, there are so many different animals and accents that you can add over time.