Amazing rare flowering succulents you can grow

Amazing rare flowering succulents you can grow

A flowering Christmas cactus plant can make a great gift for the holiday season or just anytime. If cared for properly, it bears beautiful colorful flowers in shades of purple, pink and red.

Keep this plant slightly rooted and water when the topsoil is dry.

2. Crown of thorns
This prolific bloomer is probably one of the best flowering succulents on our list. It requires minimal maintenance to look good and can even grow successfully as a houseplant if you’ve been given a sunny windowsill.

But beware, like other Euphorbias, it is also poisonous, so keep it out of the reach of your pets and children.

3. Pincushion Cactus
Pincushion Cactus is a drought-tolerant plant and very easy to grow. Add it to your succulent collection for its flowers and overall ball-shaped appearance.

When growing indoors, give the plant at least 4 hours of direct sunlight.

4. Rock Purslane
Tall stems protrude above the dense foliage and produce beautiful magenta flowers. Although the flowers only last a day, new ones are ready to take their place soon during the blooming season. It is also a perfect plant for a rock garden!

5. Afterglow

Flowering varieties: Fred Ives, Black Prince, Frank Reinelt, Echeveria imbricata, Perle Von Nurnberg, Purple Pearl, Ruffles, Mexican Snowball

Among other echeverias, afterglow has the most beautiful flowers and an attractive rosette of lavender-shaded leaves. The outer edges of the leaves are splashed with beautiful pink. This is one of the best flowering succulents you can grow.

6. Marble buttons

Its leaves fuse together to form a special spherical dome with a chalky, hairless and smooth texture. In autumn, it adorns clove-scented yellow to golden to dark orange nocturnal flowers, which makes it more charming.