Add charm to your garden with a stylish small pond this spring

First of all Choose a location. You can dig a hole and lower your container, or just have it on top.

2. If the container is not waterproof, e.g. an old pot, then add a piece of dust feed.

3. Add a layer of gravel and stones. Use logs or rocks to create a range of depth and a slope for creatures to climb in and out. If your container is not submerged, you will need a ramp from the ground outside the pond.

4. Fill your pond. Use rainwater as tap water contains chemicals.

5. Start planting! You only need one or two plants. Good plants for small ponds include:
-Miniature water lily
-Less spear-eared
– Starwort
– Blooming rush

6. Now watch and wait! Wildlife will come to your pond by itself. Do not introduce frogs, fish or even water from another pond as this can spread disease.