Add charm to your backyard with diy decorations

Creating a backyard oasis can be as simple as adding some new planters to your space. Don’t overspend on store-bought outdoor planters and create your own DIY planters.
Whether you need a large space to grow vegetables or simple small painted pots for succulents, this list has a planting idea for you.

Ideas for planting that are not pots
Old wooden gutter
Wooden shims to create a box
Leftover cedar wood
Wooden pallet
An old wagon
Grow bags
K-cups make great seed starters
Terracotta pots still work
But don’t discount what you can create with painted terracotta pots. We absolutely love the ones on this list and sometimes they’re super easy to complete
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Creative DIY Garden Planter Ideas
Whether you’re looking for a place to grow flowers or vegetables, here are some great container garden ideas to try. Enjoy being creative and using your green thumb!