9 stunning pergola ideas for a peaceful evening

9 stunning pergola ideas for a peaceful evening

Make your backyard unique by building a gazebo, pavilion or pergola. Some of these outdoor structures are more famous than others. For this reason, it is a good idea to learn the differences before deciding which is best suited for your property.

Differences between a gazebo, pergola and pavilion

Gazebo: A gazebo is a free-standing garden structure. They are relatively common, and it is likely that you have seen one! They are usually hexagonal or octagonal in shape and have a domed roof. Some gazebos offer a place to sit inside, and they all provide protection from the sun. In addition, they are usually made of wood. They are often placed in or near a garden, and they are quite popular for garden weddings and photo sessions.

Pavilion: This outdoor structure is usually rectangular in shape and has a roof similar to a house. The biggest difference between a gazebo and a pavilion is size. A pavilion is meant to accommodate more people. Generally, they can accommodate five to 15 people, maybe even more. These architectural structures have been quite popular since the 19th century and serve to host outdoor events such as family reunions, picnics and even weddings.

Pergola: This structure has four legs and is rectangular in shape, but its distinguishing feature is its roof, which is usually open and consists of horizontal planks of wood. You can set up your pergola in your backyard or even connect it to your home. They create a shady area and can provide support for plants.

Build options

If you want to build a more complex outdoor structure and attach it to your house, you may need a designer, an architect and a good builder. Some home improvement companies offer a wide range of services, which include excellent design, quality materials and fast construction for every budget. Look online and see what kind of work and service they can offer you.

You also have the option of building the structure yourself. But before you embark on this adventure, consider whether you have the time and patience for a project of this magnitude. Building a backyard structure yourself may seem like the cheapest option at first; but in the end, it can cost you even more, especially if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or construction skills.