9 elegant and peaceful spaces for kids

9 elegant and peaceful spaces for kids

Nursery plans for your cute baby should strike you a lot before you name it! Children’s rooms are very important. One problem that parents often face when decorating their child’s room is the speed at which they grow. Just when you are ready for one step, your child matures and moves to the next, developing different tastes and needs.

Age group may well cause design principles to vary. Here are some interior design ideas for the different age spots according to which you should make decisions regarding the interior design of your child’s room.

A newborn never fights for furniture. So obviously you don’t need a lot of it in his or her room. You should feel the desire to make a fairyland out of the room, where your child can enjoy complete freedom.

• The mother should have enough space for herself as she will spend long hours in that room. It should include a reading area, an easy chair, and an open shelf to house supplies like diapers, lotions, and milk bottles. This should be at a comfortable height for the mother, preferably 30 to 36 inches.

• The more colorful the room, the more attractive it will be to the child. Pastel colors are the best option as they can calm newborns.

By the time they are three years old, children develop a noticeable personality.

• The little angels definitely deserve a dresser at this age. They will love it.

• A table and chair that fits their height will create a little interest in education.

• A blackboard helps speed up their learning process. You can also add a soft board so they can post their arts and crafts.

• If you are a little curious about their appearance, your child also needs a mirror.

• There should be enough toys such as a play mat, basketball hoop or a rug to play with, kept in a suitable storage area accessible to the child.