14 heartwarming romantic decor design ideas

14 heartwarming romantic decor design ideas


Your first look and your first dance, your big commitment and your small gestures, your wedding day is about celebrating your love.

Now while we love it when a wedding is just one big party, we also love these weddings where it’s all about elegant details and an intimate atmosphere.

The kind of wedding that is so, straight up romantic, it’s contagious

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Of course your weddings will be romantic for you and your partner no matter what, a stolen moment alone after dinner, your time with the photographer, and of course the whole getting married thing!

But how do you bring your guests along for the ride and make them feel as wrapped up in your wedding as you are?

Check out our tips to up the romance factor on your wedding day, and create the kind of atmosphere your guests will never forget…

How to have the most romantic wedding ever | Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

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Lighting is perhaps the only element that can instantly change the feel of your wedding.

Whether you have a budget for lighting production, you’re talking to your venue about what they can offer or you’re simply repurposing your elves from Christmas, carefully considering how best to light your space will do wonders to romance your guests.