11 stunning wall design ideas for your living room

11 stunning wall design ideas for your living room

There are many shades of life and it can be depicted beautifully by the many emoticons attached to each felling. The colors and brightness all around show the vivid shades of life. Life’s beautiful canvas can easily be painted on the various walls in your surroundings. If we flashback the decorative wall ideas down to the last 10 years, we will find that there was no or less contribution from wall decorations during that time. With time and progress, we are now many steps closer to filling the walls with various decorative ideas.

Wall decals are one of the coolest decorative ideas ruling the world of interior design and people are getting curious to add them to their homes as well. Wall decor is a broad umbrella term and it means fixing innovative, colorful pictures or wallpaper on the smooth surface of the walls.

These decorative wall ideas are becoming the style that can give an ultra-modern look to your dull painted walls. Besides adding decorative stickers to your wall, you can also change the look of walls by hanging beautiful antique or modern elegant pieces on them. There are many shopping areas both offline and online where you can always order a large range with wider options, depending on your needs and requirements.

There are many advantages to wall decor. Some of them are summarized as:

1. Adds positivity: The wall decal adds positivity to the atmosphere. Places that have good wall decor are blessed with bouts of positivity.

2. Add visual enjoyment: The visual outlook of the place is also magnified with the inclusion of wall decor. Depending on your mood and specific interest, you can easily choose the appropriate well decoration for your place.

3. Gives a premium look: Adding artwork to your wall will give you a nice decorative value to your place. You can get a premium look to your place with the presence of various wall decorations.

4. Make you unique from others: Wall decals can spice up your boring walls. You can keep your place view different and unique from others by using a combination of different wall decors.

Types of wall decor that are often used:

1. Wall Paintings: You can add a different look to your home by making it look more beautiful and unique by adding different types of paintings on your wall. You can choose any of the paintings that complement your wall color or theme.